Perinatal Therapy

Building a family is a time of happiness and excitement and pregnancy counseling can help you get the most out of being pregnant. The perinatal part of life, or the time of pregnancy and postpartum, can also be stressful. It’s a short nine months that you have to prepare for a newborn. And it is natural to experience some levels of anxiety or depression as you prepare for the future. Talking with a pregnancy therapist in Bergen County can help you navigate the thoughts and feelings that come with getting pregnant.

A postpartum psychologist can be a vital part of your recovery process after you have the baby. Postnatal therapy helps with postpartum depression and anxiety. A postpartum therapist can also help if you need help adjusting to caring for a newborn.

When anxiety, depression and worry persist for too long, talking with a prenatal therapist can help. You can also benefit from a perinatal therapist in Bergen County when a pregnancy is unplanned and when your pregnancy doesn’t go according to plans.

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How do I know if I need perinatal therapy?

It’s normal to feel scattered and tired considering all the changes that happen during pregnancy. However, it is a good idea to find a prenatal therapist when exhaustion, anxiety or depression become excessive. A pregnancy therapist can also help with the struggle of infertility. Therapist for pregnant women also provides support for those grieving a miscarriage or infant loss.

A Bergen County maternal mental health therapist can help you find your way through:

  • Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders
  • Infertility
  • Miscarriage
  • Infant loss
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Abortion or termination of pregnancy

When you’re pregnant you can sometimes feel alone, unsupported or at-odds with family and friends. Some people experience a loss of identity during pregnancy and are overwhelmed with new responsibilities. You may feel resentful toward your partner. And you might be grieving a miscarriage or infant loss.

A prenatal therapist helps you navigate all of the factors that arise with pregnancy. When you’re feeling the natural emotions that come with having a baby, a pregnancy therapist can provide a place for connection and validation. And a prenatal therapist can also help when you’re navigating roadblocks like infertility or tragedies like miscarraige or infant loss.

One in 10 women suffer from postpartum depression, according to the latest research. Some studies show the rate of postpartum depression is even higher, reporting that 1 in 7 women struggle with postpartum depression. (source)

A postpartum therapist in Bergen County can help you understand the causes of postpartum depression and help manage the symptoms. A pregnancy anxiety therapist can help identify factors that are causing high anxiety. Postnatal therapy can provide a space to vent feelings and thoughts and provides help if those thoughts and feelings become too extreme.

The termination of a pregnancy is a traumatic and emotional experience, whether it is done by a doctor or naturally happens. It’s especially challenging because of the religious and political elements associated with abortion. A pregnancy therapist provides a safe and maternal mental health therapist also helps filter through the outside chatter from other people about abortion and unwanted pregnancy.

A maternal mental health therapist can be very helpful for a pregnant teenager. As a teen, you’re already navigating a wide variety of changes and challenges. You’re getting closer to becoming an adult and have the stresses of school, friends, parents and hormone changes. Becoming pregnant as a teen adds to all of the stressors that are already there and a pregnancy therapist can help you work through those stressors.

Teen pregnancies are at a higher risk for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. There’s also the financial stress of caring for the child while the parent finishes their own education. Other factors that could be at play include being ostracized by family or friends, whether you are choosing to keep the baby or not.

A perinatal mental health therapist provides a space to talk through questions and to process feelings. It helps provide guidance and resources for unanswered questions. And a Bergen County prenatal therapist can provide validation and support during times of loneliness or feelings of isolation.

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