Therapy for Children

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We believe in meeting your child where they are on their journey, and tailoring our approach to their specific needs.

Childhood can be both an exciting and challenging time, and we are here to be your partner in helping your child grow and flourish. Whatever the challenges they are facing, we address all aspects of mental health while emphasizing moving forward and creating a safe space for them to process and express their emotions. 

Play therapy is an essential tool for helping children express their emotions and navigate the complexities of their inner world. Just as counseling provides support and guidance to adults, play therapy utilizes play as the natural language of children to help them communicate their feelings more easily through toys.

How Does Play Therapy Help?

Helps children communicate and process complex emotions through play.

Enhances self-awareness and the ability to identify and express feelings.

Teaches valuable coping skills to manage and regulate emotions.

Supports the development of social, communication, and empathy skills

Encourages creative thinking and imagination

Provides a safe space to explore and work through trauma and difficulties


Therapy for Children Supports Childhood Emotional Expression

In our playroom, we have a variety of toys specifically chosen for their therapeutic benefits. From a dollhouse and kitchen to dress-up clothes, puppets, art supplies, and games like Uno and Candyland, these toys enable children to explore and express themselves in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.

Through play therapy techniques, our skilled therapists help children develop a range of essential skills. They learn to identify and regulate their emotions, acquire coping strategies, manage anger, practice impulse control, and foster frustration tolerance. These sessions typically take place once a week for about 30-40 minutes, and parents will have a brief opportunity to connect with the therapist before or after the session to address any concerns.

Our focus is on empowering your child to move through their experiences and emotions, building resilience along the way. We provide a nurturing environment where they can explore and understand their big feelings, fostering emotional growth and well-being. 

With our guidance, support, and expertise, your child can embark on their own beautiful journey of self-discovery and find the strength to navigate life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.